A.L. Central Crown via Twitter

I had the pleasure of sitting down on Tuesday night to watch
the Tigers vs. Twins “play-in” game to determine the American League Central
crown.  Never in my wildest dreams did I
anticipate it being one of the best games I’ve ever witnessed.  And as I like to do when watching a game and
just sitting at home, I decided to Twitter a little bit…little did I know that
it would turn into a roller coaster ride. 
I went from using my phone to firing up the laptop so that I had enough
battery life.  One of the things I said
last night was that I was going to take all of my “tweets” from that game just
roll it into a blog post.  So here it is;
my ebbs and flows of watching an unbelievable game in 140 characters or less.  Oh, that’s my commentary/explanations in

 My daughter on Craig Sager’s uni: ‘daddy, his
purple suit is brutal!’ Thumbs up ONLY on the artist formerly known as Prince (that
was a lot of purple…and I like purple)

@StaceGots that apple didn’t fall far
from the tree
(my response to StaceGots about my
daughter using the word “brutal”)

@Jade2020 believe it (no clue)

Gotta hand it
to the metrodome crew, the turf looks great…u can’t really tell there was a
football game last nt… (it did look pretty good)

@MRosenb926 oh my bad…I liked
that…funny stuff. He almost made a helluva play

@robneyer since when does defense come
into play for gold glove?🙂
(big fan of Rob Neyer…he’s
a Jayhawk)

Where the hell
was Granderson playing? Is he holding up the wall in center? Brutal (Curtis has
had some struggles defensively the last week of the season)

Seriously Ryan
Raburn? That’s ur best effort? FAIL (Orlando Cabrera HR…it WAS a wall-scraper)

@injuryexpert u wanna bet? Watch the
replay…that was a wall scraper
(this was in regards
to my Raburn comment…@injuryexpert relented)

MLB attendance
this year totaled 73.4 million across baseball…5th highest attendance figure
ever. Not bad considering the times (my Public Service Announcement of the day)

@Bub19406 ha (had
the giggles)

@StaceGots diehard (I think this was about how many times she’d gone to a Yankees game
this year)

With one swing
of the bat, Magglio earns his $18 million payday for 2010 (Mags HR…I bet the
Tigers wish he hits like this next year)

@SI_JonHeyman hey buddy, they didn’t
have a choice. Scott Boras client-trust me, the wrath would’ve been forthcoming
had they just sat him
(just giving Heyman the business…he
said it was  noble of the Tigers to give
Mags the AB’s necessary to qualify for his option)

@YankeeMegInPHL oh man…uecker and
my old man played together at one time…oh the stories he could tell
(this had something to do with who others thought would make the “best”
broadcaster crew for this game)

@rebecca_glass or the “oh, who
the hell cares? Nobody’s listening anyway.”

(Uecker reference from Major League)

holy shizz!
this is an awesome game (I started to get pumped about the game…gotta keep it

options: jammed, handcuffed, shackled, trade-marked, in-his-kitchen resulting
in flares, doinks, texas leaguers, filets of doink
term “fisted” was a topic of conversation)

@IrvinFromTexas i might bust out a
vest this week in honor of CS
(this was in response to
me wearing a Craig Sager-type suit on set)

we’re at that
point in the game where Jim Leyland is smoking the Nicoderm patches now – (I
was starting to get tired at this point…giddiness is kicking in)

now…poor planning on our part. you guys should’ve just come over tonight for
the game and we could’ve save battery life
giddiness has me inviting the world to my house…what a toolbox move)

are you
shizzing me….how bad is that? (well hello again, Mr. Raburn…ball in lights)

TRIPLE! (Michael Cuddyer triple with the hot-button “word” of the night)

@robneyer ur high
(I like Rob Neyer)

@robneyer lay off the patch (I still like Rob Neyer)

ladies and
gentlemen, this is THE BEST GAME OF THE YEAR! (without question)

TROUBLE>>>INCREDIBLE….INSANE (I got really excited…my bad)

if i’m Chip
Caray, i’m busting out the Depends cause i’m not going to miss any of this
action (there’s that giddiness again)

RT @graciexo7 @VictorRojas29 you’re the most
hilarious person on twitter, ever. FACT. – YES! my life is now complete…thanx
(gratuitous line…just wanted to throw that in

with that shizz
bomb i dropped, i picked up 100 #yankees followers…and more importantly, some street
(more like 40 followers, but this answer itself
got a heckuva response)

RT @arshimbo @VictorRojas29 I am @ the Empire
Hotel bar w/ no TV…and I have the Depends on. Thank god for SmartPhones! –
luv my peeps LOL
(now I’m affecting people’s lives)

@YankeeMegInPHL believe it (my favorite saying)

@JasMollica let’s do it…Shizz Bomb
t-shirts will be all the rage in the post-season….get it done son
(my man wants to print up t-shirts with “Shizz Bomb” on them…who
wouldn’t wear that?)

seriously, just
take all of those tweets tonight and put them together…cause that’s basically
my next blog post
(yea, that’s what I’m doing right

quit beggin’ (Brandon Inge getting “hit” by a pitch – Tigers game-winner?)

i’m sorry, stepped
away for a drink..can somebody get me up to speed on the “fisted”
count? (I couldn’t resist)

man o
man…that is such a tough play for a middle infielder…ridiculous (Nick Punto
= the little engine that could)

@jdondlinger great minds dude (gratuitous line)

think Bobby Keppel did something good here)

(Who doesn’t just smile at Amy Nelson? 

this game is fistastic…fisticulous…fistane…fistlandish… (it was)

in all
fisteriousness, how much longer can Rodney go? at this rate, he’s gonna have to
forget about the charmin and just go to the bidet
little clubhouse humor…a little appropriate, a little not-so appropriate)

@sgardnerUSAT that would be DOUG
(my answer to Mr. Gardner’s question of who is
Chip Caray’s favorite Mariner?)

man, if this is
what the post-season has in store for us, we’re all in for one helluva
ride…man, I FREAKIN’ LOVE THIS GAME.  (true joy)

– “ain’t no stoppin’ us now” by mcfadden & whitehead (I like that
song even though it’s not by Journey)

i bid you all
adieu…i’m glad i got to watch the most fistacular game of the year with all
of you. PRE/POST Game Shows tomm. I’m out
(I was
finally tired…great game and a gratuitous plug…that’s how I roll).

Just livin’ the dream…


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I concur that that was one of the best games I’ve ever seen with my own eyes from start to finish. I wish they were all like that. I’d never leave the house. Sorry I missed the Tweet-fest. I tend not to tweet during games because I get distracted too easily. Down to four… curious for your thoughts, VR.PS. Sager’s outfits have ALWAYS been brutal. Someone needs to raid his closet and clue him into the Joe Magrane school of style (dude always looks slick as hell).

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